Opportunity Fair

Due to overwhelming demand, we are no longer selling program ads for NWMUN-Seattle - we have run out of program space.

The NWMUN-Seattle Opportunity Fair is a short event where admissions officers from various graduate schools, as well as hiring managers for organizations focused on international affairs that offer jobs and internships, will come and provide information to our delegates. The vast majority of NWMUN-Seattle's participants are planning to attend graduate schools or work in positions that have an international focus or component to their work, and as a result, it's a great opportunity for the exhibitors as well.

The Opportunity Fair will be in the Ballroom Foyer on the Lower Level on Saturday, November 19.

Confirmed Exhibitors

Pricing and Discounts

We offer numerous discounts on our pricing, and you can combine discounts to get the most value and exposure for your program:

- We offered a 10% discount for Opportunity Fair registration on or before June 15.

- We offer a 10% discount when registering for both the Opportunity Fair and Program Advertisements at the same conference(s).

- We offer a 20% discount when registering simultaneously for both NWMUN-Seattle 2016 and NWMUN-Portland 2017.


Fill out this registration form (includes payment via PayPal).

Due to unprecedented demand, 2016 Program Advertisements will only be available along with an Opportunity Fair registration (and are no longer sold separately).

For alternate payment methods or for other questions, please contact Doug Siegel, Assistant Secretary-General for Logistics, at asgl.seattle@nwmun.org