Country Matrix

Last Updated: 9:44 PM (Pacific), 10/29/2016.

Priority Delegations for Registration: 

Brunei Darussalam

Central African Republic






Sierra Leone

South Sudan


United Arab Emirates


GA: General Assembly Plenary

WHO: World Health Organization / World Health Assembly

ECOSOC: Economic and Social Council

PBC: Peacebuilding Commission

SC: Security Council

RSC: Reformed Security Council

WHS (A): World Humanitarian Summit (Agreement Body)

All committees' memberships are final as listed below. Real-world UN membership will be reflected should any changes in membership occur - for example, should Palestine be accepted as a UN member state, they will at that time be given voting rights (presently they are on the GA as an observer). 

X: Member of the Committee

P: Permanent Membership (SC/RSC Only)

O: Observer Membership

Please note that all committees at NWMUN-Seattle are single-delegate, meaning one delegate represents each country in each committee.

Country assignments listed in italics are provisional and are subject to change; they are held for up to two weeks to allow delegations to pay for their assignments. If payment is received within this period, the assignment will be changed to normal (non-italicized) text to reflect a confirmed registration; if not, the country assignment will be reversed and other delegations may request the country once more.

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