Committees & Topics

Position Papers will be due November 1st.

General Assembly Plenary (GA) - Recommended for novice and intermediate delegates.

1. Human Rights in the Administration of Justice

2. Promotion of New and Renewable Sources of Energy

Note: Additionally, the General Assembly will simulate Security Council Elections. The elections of the Security Council non-permanent members are not a topic, but rather a process that will be simulated in the General Assembly. Therefore, it should not be addressed within GA position papers. This process will take place during the committee sessions on Sunday, November 20.

[ General Assembly Plenary Background Guide (PDF) ]

World Health Organization - World Health Assembly (WHO) - Recommended for novice, intermediate, and experienced delegates.

1. Climate Change and Health

2. Global Burden of Mental Disorders and the Need for a Comprehensive, Coordinated Response from Health and Social Sectors at the Country Level

[ World Health Organization Background Guide (PDF) ]

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) - Recommended for novice and intermediate delegates.

1. Science, Technology, and Innovation for Development

2. Strengthening International Cooperation in Addressing the Smuggling of Migrants

[ Economic and Social Council Background Guide (PDF) ]

Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) - Recommended for intermediate delegates.

1. Liberia

2. Gender and Peacebuilding: Enhancing Women's Participation

[ Peacebuilding Commission Background Guide (PDF) ]

Security Council (SC) and Reformed Security Council (RSC) - Recommended for experienced delegates only.

1. The Situation in the Central African region: Boko Haram

2. The Situation in the Middle East (Syria)

3. The Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Security Sector Reform: Challenges and Opportunities

[ Security Council Background Guide (PDF) ]

[ Reformed Security Council Background Guide (PDF) ]

World Humanitarian Summit - Agreement Body (WHS [A]) - Recommended for novice, intermediate, and experienced delegates.

1. Global leadership to prevent and end conflict

2. Uphold the norms that safeguard humanity

3. Leave no one behind

4. Change people's lives - from delivering aid to ending need

Note: These are not "topics" like in other committees at NWMUN-Seattle, but are rather the sections of the final document that the Summit negotiations will produce.

Please read the Explanatory Note as well as the Background Guide for more details.

[ World Humanitarian Summit Explanatory Note (PDF) ]

[ World Humanitarian Summit Background Guide (PDF) ]